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Obduktio – Obduktio

Obduktio’s self-titled debut is bordering on grindcore and a fun listening experience.

Michiel Walrave

Talking about his bands (The Real Danger, Nothing Done, Know Your Enemy, Uppercut a.o.), artwork (Mental, No Turning Back a.o.) and his life.

Reply To: Yearlists 2013

No need to keep reconsidering this list. This is it: best albums 1. John Moreland – In the throes 2. Fonija – Mojot pekol 3. Calabrese – Born with a scorpions touch 4. Regimen – s/t 5. Pine Barrens – Kingmaker 6. Shevils – Lost in tartarus 7. Doomriders – Grande blood 8. Hollis Brown … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists 2013

Drug Church

Drug Church is a new band from the USA who would love to bring back the push pit. Cory, the guitarist introdudes the band.

Reply To: April Fools

I think I have an idea. You know the way that sXe pops up in the mainstream media now and again, usually with an article where a clueless journo struggles to come to terms with something they barely fathom themselves, but in a way that is trying to explain it to a totally mainstream audience? … Continue reading Reply To: April Fools

Planks – Perished Bodies

This last album is the final goodbye to this world and closes the trilogy after The Darkest of Grays and Funeral Mouth.

Zeus! – Motomonotono

Zeus! is a drums, bass and vocals duo from Italy that brings a thundering form of heavy music without boundaries in the vein of Zu and The Locust.

Reply To: playlist

bleached – ride your heart clutch – earth rocker make do and mend – everything you ever loved (which is way better than I expected based on the not to positive reactions I’ve read almost everywhere) daylight – jar (on repeat now, as this is a reallly, really addictive album. That coming from someone who … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

You’ve got mail 😉 Dennis, how about we review that Daylight – Jar record together? Would you be into that? New stuff ready to go: – THROUGH THE STRUGGLE – metal/hardcore – “Absolute Nothing” EP – digital copy – MASIRO – – digital copy (As with everything if you want to receive an actual … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

How did you start out your day?

[img][/img] I’m currently up in my summer cabin shooting at beer cans with my BB rifle. What better way to greet the day exploring SWNK, drinking coffee and enjoying the view. If you can’t see it properly in the picture, I’m on a hill, looking down on a big ass lake listening to crickets, birds … Continue reading How did you start out your day?

Meet the SWNK crew: Callum

In the upcoming weeks we’re going to turn the tables now and then and do short interviews with the people that bring you SWNK, to give you an idea who we are and where we come from. First up is Callum (Canonized) from the UK.