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Reply To: Groezrock 2014

Bands: Friday: +++Bayside (sound was great) +++The Wonder Years(although I lost my wallet. Found it back with all tickets removed) ++Atlas Losing Grip (sound was awful) ++The Menzingers (pretty cool, last time was better) -Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (Maybe good at what they do. Not my cup o tea though) +/- Deez Nuts (don’t know, … Continue reading Reply To: Groezrock 2014

Reply To: playlist

Groundwar Three Round Burst ( demo ) Rebel Son : Articles of Confederation Ducky Boys : Three Chords and the Truth Madball : Droppin many Suckers Venom : Black Metal Midnight : wat mp3 meuk, wat een schijtband HatePlow : The only law is Survival


When a band has been around since 2007 but are just about to release your first 7″ you still count them as ‘new breed’ right?

Adolf Butler – Holland LP

These anti-social bastards show us where the late Black Flag stopped with their ambitious sounds and combine it with other filthy 80’s stuff.

Band, Arnhem region, looking for singer

You like hardcore, look for a band and are able to practise in Doesburg? We look for a singer. We (drummer, bassplayer and guitar player) have been in a band together for years, and want to get on stage again. Style: think Madball, Terror. Get in touch!

Zanger gezocht, regio Arnhem

Zoek je een band en kun je repeteren in Doesburg? Wij zoeken een zanger. Muziekstijl denk Madball, Terror. Get in touch!

Reply To: Hardcore in non-hardcore places

[quote=Just Killing Time] There’s a Thunderdome track that samples Madball’s Hardcore Still Lives on one of those compilations. [/quote] [youtube][/youtube] Ok, technically maybe not a non-hardcore place. 😉

Reply To: playlist

Hudson falcons The hookers Murder Junkies Madball Mark Lind And the Unloved Sheer Terror ( En ik begin het goed te vinden…het is me wat ! haha )

New Morality´s, No Morality out on 7th December!

[IMG][/IMG] Demons Run Amok Entertainment is excited to announce the release of the new New Morality full length called “No Morality”. DRA is releasing the album on CD and limited shirt + CD package. Have a look on the limited Shirts in the shop also! Check out Shop at And also check put the … Continue reading New Morality´s, No Morality out on 7th December!