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Hahaha, no, no Nirvana connection. It’s about an aning heavy metal star who collects macabre things and buys a ghost on ebay. It comes in a heart shaped box.

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@Onno: Nice one! @Rik: Alice In Chains is great. On that I can agree with you 😉 Make Do And Mend is from this year right? The Nirvana reissues. Screaming Trees – Last Words All On Black (if it comes out this year) Supertouch – Lost My Way I’m pretty glad with what this year … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Big update: – BASTIONS – “Bedfellows” (Holy Roar Records) – digital copy – BESTA / ENGLEMAKER split 7″ – ffo napalm death / extreme hardcore punk – digital copy – PAID IN PAIN – “Born Bad” EP – – D.E.A. – hardcore / metal from Mexico City – digital copy – SIDEWALK / TOPSY … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

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AIC’s Dirt is awesome, Them Bones is one of the hardest opening songs ever. Great, will have to give that some spins again soon. Today’s playlist: Guns n’ Roses – Use Your Illussion I (a few songs in the car) Public Enemy blink-182 – Neighborhoods Sweet Empire – This Season Needs Torches Nirvana – Muddy … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

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bleached – ride your heart clutch – earth rocker make do and mend – everything you ever loved (which is way better than I expected based on the not to positive reactions I’ve read almost everywhere) daylight – jar (on repeat now, as this is a reallly, really addictive album. That coming from someone who … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

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As for Make Do And Mend, it’s not a bad record at all. But for people who have played End Measured Mile to death… It didn’t completely live up to my expectations. And no problem about Nirvana. Nobody’s perfect. I never listen to Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or Stone Temple Pilots. How about Alice In Chains? … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

Riddarna – Under Jorden

Riddarna from Gotland, Sweden, delivers a record that is full of surprises and brings back a nostalgic feeling about the nineties.

Reply To: Make Do And Mend to release accoustic E.P.

Nirvana & Alice In Chains amongst others worked pretty well unplugged. After hearing that MP3 it seems to work for Make Do And Mend quite well too (not on the same level though…). I’ll check it out. Without hearing it I could have done without the Touché Amoré cover though.

Get Wise

Get Wise from Belgium play “old school hardcore with youth crew influences and some kind of groove into it”. We talked to singer Kristof.