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7 Seconds – Leave A Light On

7 Seconds – Leave A Light On

Nine years after Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over the grandfathers of melodic hardcore are back with a new full length on Rise Records.

It’s 7 Seconds so you know what to expect. Leave A Light On will please all those 7 Seconds fans but will probably not win them a huge new following. Songs like ‘Exceptional’ and ‘Slogan On A Shirt’ are easy to sing a long to and will do great in a live setting just as the title songs and ‘Heads Are Bound To Roll’.

Between Take It Back… and Leave A Light On Kevin Seconds has mainly releases acoustic stuff that was okay, it’s with this band that he’s really on a roll. 7 Seconds are going strong for over thirty years and Leave A Light On doesn’t show any reasons for them to quit.

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  1. ben said on 2014-05-30

    It’s indeed impressive that they manage to release a good album after so long.
    Always been a die-hard of this band, so I’m not objective; but I do respect that they always release new albums, not just playing the old songs. Take it back was not that good, but Good to Go is one my top-10 albums, one of the few I know almost all the lyrics by heart. Other will be We’re not in this alone I guess.

  2. Onno said on 2014-06-05

    Great, great, great album!