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A Wilhelm Scream – Partycrasher

A Wilhelm Scream – Partycrasher

How awesome was Ruiner by A Wilhelm Scream? The follow up Career Suicide was almost as good and showed that the hardcore punk band could hold on to their fan base. We had to wait quite a while but after a nice self-titled EP we finally can listen to Partycrasher, their fourth full-length.

Opener ‘Boat Builders’ has everything you wanted from this band, except for a little less thrashing. The song is a great way to lead in Partycrasher. Fast guitars, some vocal harmonies, a short guitar solo, pounding drums and the raspy voice of Nuno Pereira. After the first two fasters songs, ‘Devil Don’t Know’ ups the ante with the great chorus and Iron Maiden-esque twin axe attack.

And that is one of the strong points of the band. Although they don’t differentiate as much between the pace as they used to, variation, even though most songs are three minutes long, is key on Partycrasher. The production is clean, like this genre should be and Pereira’s vocals are centered without taking too much attention away from the ferocious music.

Until Smash The Statues records new music, this could be my favorite hardcore punk record this year. A Wilhelm Scream doesn’t do anything as exciting as their previous work, but that’s only because the bar was so high already and we know where their talents lie already.

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