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Amebix – Sonic Mass

Amebix – Sonic Mass

Amebix don’t need an introduction. This punk/crustcore band started in the early eighties with a mix of punk and metal, invented the crustcore genre and influenced million punk, hardcore and metal bands. After a long hiatus they found out how influential they were and they decided to come back again.

On the release ‘Redux’ Amebix successfully recorded three old classics to see if the feeling was still there. I can assure you it definitely is still there and now the new album is finally released. On ‘Redux’ the songs had a more proper production, the voice of The Baron was less rough and they even added some synthesizer sounds, for a darker and fuller atmosphere to the songs.

On most of the songs on the new album these additions appear too, making this album a combination between the old crusty punk sound, Killing Joke and old Neurosis (In “Sonic Mass Part 1” the acoustic music and voice is even similar to Steve Von Till).  Melancholy runs over the first song “Days” and when The Baron constantly repeats the sentence “These Days will never be the same again” with his rough vocals I immediately knew this was going to be a special album.

The dark, slow pacing brooding compositions are still what Amebix is all about, the songs just are in a different jacket. Upon listening to the record more and more you become fully distracted from the world outside and you’ll enter Amebix’ newly created world. With the addition of tribal drums the Baron and co. bring you in a transcendental state.

Especially songs like “Sonic Mass” and “Knights Of The Black Sun” have that special vibe although all the songs are carefully picked and ranged. Old fans should definitely check this album a couple of times and people who are into experimental metal/rock/hardcore can’t deny “Sonic Mass”.

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