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Amenra / Madensuyu – Split

Amenra / Madensuyu – Split

Another month, another Amenra split. On this beautifully designed 10 inch the band shares an acoustic experience with countrymembers Madensuyu. On their own side, they give a haunting rendition of one of their ‘hits’ namely ‘Razoreater’. The clean vocals really draw you in, opposed to the musical violence of the original. Sparse instrumentation gives the song its pure dreamy feel without losing the angst and despair.

Madensuyu reworked ‘Days and a Day’¬†of their latest album. Here, the droning guitar of the duo is the main attraction, pulling you into a dreamlike space. Sometimes that trance will be broken because of the weak noise sounds, reminiscent of their plugged in sonic barrage.

Two songs may be a bit short, but both are of high quality so a purchase is easily justifiable.

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