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ANCST – In turmoil

ANCST – In turmoil

ANCST is a side project by members of Afterlife Kids and Henry Fonda. In turmoil is not really a new album, but a compilation of sorts. On In turmoil you’ll find an EP (Humane condition EP), songs from splits with Hiveburner, Smutecni Savnost, the first demo, compilation tracks and an unreleased track. I’m guessing this album starts with the more recent tracks and tracks back into ANCST’s past. My assumption is based on the production value getting weaker and weaker the further you get into the album.

ANCST is playing crust influenced by black metal. On their older work the black metal influences are pretty much on the foreground, while on their later work the crust is a much stronger influence. I like the new songs better, but the thing is: the production is a bit too clear on those tracks make ‘m deliver. It just hasn’t got that dirty edge you’d expect from a crust influenced band. The songs themselves also need a bit of work, as they don’t really stick to your mind. I’ve heard the album at least ten times now and I still can’t recognize the individual tracks. On the bright side, this band is heading the right direction as the newer tracks appeal much more to me than their older work.

In the end though, I guess this criticism is wasted on the band. This is best illustrated by the quote from a batman movie used on this album: some men just want to watch the world burn. They’ll just do that and we’ll have to wait if they better themselves on their next release.

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