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Antidote – No Peace In Our Time

Antidote – No Peace In Our Time

The United Scene of Worldwide Hardcore is looking for:

a new CEO who can found the yet to be established “Group To Preserve Classic Bands” m/v

Job description:

The CEO must know about the struggle and the streets, more importantly he has to be able to talk resurrected 80’s hardcore bands out of writing, recording and releasing new material that’s nowhere near as good as the early stuff. That it’s fast and sounds punky doesn’t mean it’s up there with Thou Shalt Not Kill.

It’s his job to let bands know that when they released classic songs like ‘Something Must Be Done’ it’s kind of lame to go and do a cover of Black Flag, especially ‘Rise Above’.

He or she should stay in contact with studio engineers and producers like Brian Fury Mcternan, Bill Stevenson, Jay Maas and Kurt Ballou to name but a few. Whenever a certain Roger Miret enters one of the famous or non-famous hardcore studios to singalong on a record, the CEO is immediately given notice and heads over to avoid further damage.

Another part of the job is to let band members know that having a band pic taken while wearing a white oldschool mob suit is kind of stupid.

For further inquiries send an email to The United Scene of Hardcore Worldwide:


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