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Appraise – Deeper Than That

Appraise – Deeper Than That

Varsity jackets, bass intro’s and live pics. Whenever a band comes up with these elements I just know I’m in for either a treat or the biggest disappointment of the week. Deeper Than That is the full length record of Spain’s Appraise and contains 10 songs in the best tradition of Insted, early Turning Point and Side By Side.

Like H20 I also sometimes wonder whatever happened not to the passion and the fashion but to that one thing that still holds true… Without glorifying the past there used to be way more bands like this around. It’s true most of them pretty much sucked and only a few of them stood the test of time, but at least one could expect a new youth crew record to drop every month.

Fortunately there are still bands like Mindset (anyone see them at the beginning of this year in Europe, holy shit!), Ancient Heads (I have high expectations of that ep) and, more close to home, Appraise.

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