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As Friends Rust – Greatest Hits

As Friends Rust – Greatest Hits

If you ask me there was a time that As Friends Rust were destined to become the next big thing out of Florida besides Hot Water Music and Against Me. But somewhere down the line things went wrong for this band consisting of members of Culture. This year at Groezrock the band will finally play an European reunion show and Shield Recordings decided to celebrate by putting out a release with As Friends Rust’s 14 best songs.

Just what made As Friends Rust so good? Well they knew how to wrote pretty catchy songs that walk the fine line between melodic punk and more aggressive hardcore, had lyrics most hardcorebands can only dream about and in Damien Moyal one of the best front man of the nineties.

I don’t have to tell you how good of a song ‘Coffee Black’ is but this record also made me once aware that As Friends Rusts’ later stuff is probably even better. So go and get this record, learn the songs and I’ll see you upfront at Groezrock.

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  1. ben said on 2015-04-21

    Great band indeed, very strong records. I can’t wait seeing them.
    Much better than hwm and these pretentious from Against Me if you ask me 😮

  2. Just Killing Time said on 2015-04-21

    They compiled an As Friends Rust greatest hits album and the first track is NOT The First Song On The Tape You Make Her? What were they thinking?!

    (It’s not because the tracklist is chronoligical, the split ep with Discount with First Song on it came out before 6 Song EP / God Hour 😛 )

  3. Just Killing Time said on 2015-04-21

    I won’t be seeing them at Groezrock, but I wonder if Damien can still pull off those vocals. His voice sounds way different now with his new band On Bodies.

  4. ben said on 2015-04-22

    They could have done a discography to be honest, it’s not like they released millions of stuff, only an album and a few ep’s.