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Atlas – .I .II .III .IV

Atlas – .I .II .III .IV

When I think about Atlas, I have to think about a map, mountains and a beer branch. If you combine these three the music of Dutch Atlas is the perfect soundtrack. Use a map to head down to the mountains and when there drink loads of beers in the middle of the night. The band consists of members from the trashy hardcore and screamo bands Gonzo, Angst and Propagator but take the route of slow, haunting and dark hardcore with typical painful screams. You say Amen Ra? Yeah, Atlas sounds similar to these Belgium giants.

In the colder days of this years’ summer they laid down four tracks that bear the suffering of our today’s planet. Mostly the songs start with a haunting guitar tune when the beat slowly evolves into a crushing movement while no one can (and will) escape. Included are icy screams of vocalist Jarno. For sure these first four tracks aren’t world shocking in these times but they have the underlying factor to keep you interested for the 18 minutes they last. Besides that fact Atlas is one of the few Dutch playing this style, so they have my blessing.

You can download the record for free or buy the home made digipack including booklet by sending a message on their facebook page.

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