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Backchat – s/t EP

Backchat – s/t EP

On the first listen to this EP I fell in love with them. It wasn’t that hard to do, they did it all on their own actually. Three songs of average length that will leave you yearning for more. I got so into it that I didn’t even realize I had already listened to it three times. The songs are catchy, fast, and melodic and are easy to get through for a listener with a short attention span.

The first track, “No One Wins”, starts off with some melodic guitar riffs that remind me of Coalesce’s “OX” album. I loved “OX” and this song is not an exception to that love. This song sets the pace for the next two songs to follow and I do get letdown by the next two tracks. I only just expressed my love for this EP in the opening sentence, but the next two tracks are not as good as “No One Wins”. I still love them in their own ways.

“Fume of Carouse” gets somewhat boring after a few listens. In my opinion it drags on a little bit more than I’d like. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying it though. In the beginning of the song the riffs have a “southern twang” to them. When paired up with the crust-like vocals it makes a great song, but that seems to be all they do for the majority of the song.

The last thirty seconds pick up a lot faster and carry the song to it’s final breath. And on the last song, “Harbour of Wrecked Arks”, might just have the most memorable moments of the EP. The guitar riffs are so awesome, very metallic, and I think I may hear a little bit of a black metal influence. There are blast beats present, snarled vocals, and monotonous riffing. I love it, this is the kind of intensity I was hoping for!

When reading the description on this band, the words black metal came up and I was so confused. I had listened to the EP a few times and didn’t really hear any black metal inluence. The influence that is there is crust and there is no denying its presence. I heard some black metal influence on “Harbour of Wrecked Arks” but that is the only song where it is present.

Overall this is a solid EP and I will be watching out for them more in the future. It is so refreshing to hear a new spin on the whole “neocrust/hardcore” trend going on right now. If you’re a fan of Trap Them, Hessian, Cursed, etc. you will enjoy this.

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