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Bad Attitude – Brainfreeze Demo Tape

Bad Attitude – Brainfreeze Demo Tape

When members from different bands decide to start a new one you know things get interesting. Bad Attitude is a brand spanking new hardcore band hailing from the Dutch city of Leeuwarden, where a lot of great things are happening hardcore-wise nowadays. BA features members of Cornered, 0Fight8 and Pantah, but knows to come up with a unique sound.

Their first demo called “Brainfreeze” is a 6 minute ball of destruction featuring 5 short and fast songs. Something you’d expect from an early 80’s hardcore band. And how does Bad Attitude bring back the 80’s hardcore sound you say? Well, Niels came up with a couple of raw and aggressive riffs. Erik contributes with a thick bass sound and Jurre keeps everything together with some tight drumming, which varies between fast paced drums and groovy mid-tempo rhythms. On top of that we’ve got the pissed off vocals of Maurice, who seems to eat Cro-Mags, Youth Of Today and Warzone records for breakfast. The fourth track on the demo, “Open Your Eyes”, is a good example of a song that both has fast and groovy parts, but you might as well listen to the whole demo as it only takes 6 minutes of your time.

All in all Bad Attitude’s “Brainfreeze” adds a refreshing sound to the Dutch hardcore scene. Production-wise it’s just what you guess a demo would sound like. It certainly sounds old school, but with a better production on BA’s next release I’m pretty sure these guys can introduce the older hardcore style to an audience that’s not very familiar with it. Last but not least, “Brainfreeze” was released by War Inside Records and is exclusively available on cassette. Only 50 hand numbered tapes were made, so you better act fast if you want a copy!

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