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Badlands – Alexandrian Age

Badlands – Alexandrian Age

As a full-time lover of punk and hardcore music I try to keep myself updated about everything that’s happening in that particular world. Including my own country, The Netherlands. Unfortunately I had to find out about Badlands after they released their fifth record “Alexandrian Age”. A shame, because this right here is top shelf material.

The album kicks off great with the title track and ends with the touching acoustic song “Sorrow’s Companion”. Everything in between is just melodic punk rock at its finest. You just know Victor’s raw and pure voice is as honest as a voice can be and forces you listen to this record over and over again. The song structures and guitar work remind me of Bad Religion and Social Distortion, but also reveal a long lasting love for streetpunk. A good combination that makes this album sound very well thought-out. Harmony if you ask me. Besides melodic mid-tempo songs “Alexandrian Age” also remains diverse by songs such as “Cash Out”, “Ruler And Slave” and the previously mentioned final track “Sorrow’s Companion”. These acoustic tracks would do good these days if you look at the singer/songwriter and punk rock troubadour hype going on at the moment. If that’s your cup of tea, don’t be scared to also pick upĀ  this album at your local record store. Due to Badland’s great use of melodies and honesty, “Alexandrian Age” is an album that can be enjoyed by everyone who has affinity with punk rock, its sub-genres or music in general.

Reviewing albums is an awesome job, especially if you get your hands on a pearl like “Alexandrian Age”. Something you would miss out on otherwise. And from the bottom of my heart I hope you will grant this masterpiece a listen, because these guys deserve way more recognition. They shouldn’t be playing in bars, no, whether they like it or not, Badlands should be selling out clubs and be on the bill of big festivals if you ask me.

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