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Bitter End – Climate Of Fear

Bitter End – Climate Of Fear

Guitar feedback, a rising drumbeat accompied by a pumping bass line. Snippets from all kinds of terrorism related news flashes, “There’s panic on the streets”. All blending into a heavy groove. Enter “Climate Of Fear”. This is Bitter End, here we go.

You might have heard “Mind In Chains”, their previous MCD. This release is a pretty logical follow up. So if you liked the previous release and still like heavy riffing and good grooves this is for you. They’re just taking it to the next level. Think Cro Mags, Killing Time and Breakdown. Think New York hardcore. Think “you-need-this”.

Can’t say a bad thing about this record actually. The production, the artwork, the lyrics. It’s simply all good. Don’t be afraid, check out the tracks on their Myspace, you’ll know pretty soon if this is something for you or not. Since Malfunction merged with Deathwish Records you can pick it up from them now. Light The Fuse distro will also be carrying this. I suggest you go get it, rather fast.

Now they just need to get to Europe to do some shows. Iron Age / Bitter End tour anyone?


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