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Bitter End – s/t

Bitter End – s/t

Both their MCD “Mind In Chains” and the full length LP “Climate Of Fear” they released last year made their way into my play list rather regularly. That and the fact that they blew me away live in Hengelo this year made me excited for this new release. They sure did set the bar high, can they live up to it?

The piece of vinyl, or digital download, whatever you picked up, pretty much picks up where Bitter End left us with “Climate Of Fear”. A little bit more metal maybe, but still Bitter End no doubt. Opening up with a heavy grooving intro once again they set the mood for the upcoming nine minutes of heaviness. Yes, two songs in nine (and a half) minutes. Both songs are around the five minute mark, setting them apart from the common one/two minute blasts most hardcore bands come up with. They manage to keep it interesting though, which is an achievement on its own if you ask me. So yeah, they did live up to the expectations. To mine at least.

All in all I can be pretty short about this one, if you liked their previous stuff you can go buy this one without a doubt. But then again, you probably already own it. If you never heard about this band I suggest you check out their Myspace right away (“Purgatory” from this release is up there) and get with the program.

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