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Black Art – Full Lungs | Empty Words

Black Art – Full Lungs | Empty Words

The guys behind White Russian Records have been doing some really good things for a while now and this time, together with I For Us Records and Let Them Die Records, they’ve struck solid gold with Black Art. These five UK lads produce filthy punk rock ‘n’ roll with a hardcore bite, that sounds like Cancer Bats and Feed The Rhino having unprotected sex in some grimy back alley while The Ghost Of A Thousand gets to watch. Loud, urgent and tight as fuck, with biting, snarling vocals, pounding drums and razor sharp guitars, Full Lungs | Empty Words packs it all in 17 glorious minutes, spanning 6 tracks.

Proceedings start relatively tame with single Lifestalker, after which the band piles the energy on and on and on and on during the rest of the songs. This is one of those releases you need to listen to again right after it finishes, just because you do not want to loose that mighty buzzing adrenalin high. The only gripe I have with this record is the butt ugly digipack the cd comes in and the fact the lyrics are printed so small that no living soul could ever read them.

“GET OFF THE DANCE FLOOR!” singer Joe Kibble demands, delivering the final blow with the intense closing track Fools Gold. No fucking way, mate! This stuff is made to destroy venues and living rooms alike.


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