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Black Everest / Captain Your Ship Is Sinking – Split LP

Black Everest / Captain Your Ship Is Sinking – Split LP

It’s not the first time the artwork of Mara Picione is seen on this website. Several bands from the hardcore, screamo and emo scene used her work. Her style is one of a kind and you directly see what kind of band(s) you’re dealing with; this split LP, an effort between a Dutch and a German band, is no different. Captain, Your Ship is Sinking is from the eastern part of the Netherlands while Black Everest is located in three German cities spread out over the north west and east part of Germany.

It’s a long time ago I heard something from Captain, Your Ship is Sinking. I reviewed their demo ages ago and one of my remarks were the black metal vocals that didn’t fit with the screamo music. Not that they are bad, but they weren’t on the same level. The band released some more stuff, got better and better and a year ago I saw the band playing live and the ‘problem’ was gone.

The three songs available here are simply well thought out screamo songs. The vocals are luckily not so extreme and fit the melodic and slow screamo. The first song ‘Heksenjager’ has that typical Envy melancholy over it. The second one ‘Cognitivit Dissonance is a bitch’ is a bit more uptempo just as the last song ‘Yelling ‘Fire!’ In A Crowded Theatre’ after the intro is. The uptempo parts are combined with Explosion in the Sky moments.  As you see with the song titles the guys want you to think further out of the box, no wonder they are both confrontational and funny.

In that manner Black Everest is a bit more conservative and timid. Music wise they aren’t, ‘Brinkmanship’ is starting furious with a chaotic rhythm. The postrock introduction of ‘Grey’ is confusing the listener because halfway the band breaks out in the good Orchid way. The rest of the song is surprisingly better structured than an average Orchid song but this influence returns in the last song. Halfway this side of the vinyl and the band already has shown many sides.  A Black Metal rhythm is the starting point of ‘Neid hat immer eine Lobby’ that continues in an uptempo emo song.

I like all Black Everest ideas on the four songs; at the same time I ask myself if they’ve used too many styles to express their feelings because after several spins I cannot find the drawing line between the songs. This is their second output after a demo so there is still time to shape their definite style!

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