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Blowfuse – Couch

Blowfuse – Couch

Sometimes music doesn’t have to be ground-breaking or complicated, as long it is entertaining. Especially when the autumn weather is getting on, it’s nice to be welcomed by sonic fun.

Providing that is the Spanish punkrock band Blowfuse on their new EP Couch. The first time I listened to opening song ‘Behind the Wall’ I thought the band to be a simple generic skatepunk one, until the chorus rang out. Maybe you could still defend the term generic but hearing the vocal harmonies the band had won me over. The seven songs all remind of a time when punkrock was huge and the band honours influences such as NOFX aptly.

Not all the songs are equally entertaining; the vocal line in the chorus of ‘Fantasy Society’ is a bit weak and the structure of closer ‘Storyteller’ could have been a bit smoother but overall Couch is worth twenty minutes of the time of the punkrock loving ones.

The band is currently on a huge European tour; they play several venues early December in the Netherlands so give them a chance live!

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