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Bound And Buried – s/t EP

Bound And Buried – s/t EP

Mikey from Habits contacted me to introduce me to his new band: Bound and Buried. They have just released their self titled EP. This ten minute EP has a different sound from Habits. There are no post-hardcore influences to be found on this EP for example. No, this is a blend of punk and psychobilly. The psychobilly influences are best heard on opening track “The Devil, The Whiskey And Me”. This track also has a nice “conversation” part in it. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. I expect this fun track that works really well in a live setting.

Next up is “Spitting Daggers” which follows more or less in the same vain. “When Capricorns Fade”, third song on the EP is a ballad. The singer is pushed to the limits of his voice here. It’s clear he’s more comfortable in the other songs. Next up is EP closer “Dead End Blackout”. This song starts out really nice, but is over before you know it. I would have liked to see this song worked out a bit more.

Production wise I can not complain, everything sounds crystal clear. My compliments to Scott Wolff, whom we know from his work on Habits’ EP Train wrecks, for that. This band sure has potential. I hope to hear more from them (soon).

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