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Boysetsfire – While A Nation Sleeps

Boysetsfire – While A Nation Sleeps

If you can come back with an album as good as this, you’re certainly entitled to bring your band back to life. After a three year break up and some reunion shows where the band mainly demonstrated they still knew how to play their old songs, Boysetfire hit the studio to record While A Nation Sleeps and they did a very impressive job.

Tomorrow Comes Today and The Misery Index, the last full lengths from these men from Delaware were pretty good but never made the impression After The Eulogy had on me and a lot of other people who came to love Boysetsfire throughout their career. It seemed the band was on a path of more technical and less emotional music. While A Nation Sleeps is a real return to their old sound with outstanding melodic tracks like ‘Never Said’ as well as forcefull anthems like ‘Everything Went Black’.

The band still has a political focus addressing organized religion and military budgets but also don’t stray away from their own personal experiences. While A Nation Sleeps is one of the best albums released in a year that already saw many quality releases and I doubt if Modern Life Is War’s upcoming will be this good. So far While A Nation Sleeps is the comeback record of the year. I hope it’s not the ‘closure’ of their career.

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