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Break Away – For Life

Break Away – For Life

At first glance, Break Away’s For Life may appear to be another record in a long line of youth crew records.  While the Richmond VA band is heavily influenced by youth crew pioneers like Floorpunch and Youth of Today, the band is definitely able to do justice to this style of hardcore without just recycling songs from their influences.  For life come to us curtsey of Richmond VA’s Mind Rot Records and has been released on vinyl.

Break Away definitely pays homage to their youth crew influences however, I never got the feeling that the band was just ripping off Floorpunch songs as it seems so many other current youth crew bands do.  I think the most noticeable element of For Life, is that the record feels heavier than your typical youth crew record.  You get the first hint of this as soon as the vocals come in during Inebriation.  The vocals are definitely thicker than your typical youth crew band and to me are reminiscent of Mike Judge, which I think most would agree is definitely a good thing.  The lyrics still carry your typical straight edge themes and are full of the bands convictions and dedication to straight edge.  The heaviness on For Life carries into the guitar riffs on the record.  The guitar playing on this record definitely helps the band define their sound and expand on typical youth crew fast riffs.  All in all, the record sounds well put together, the song writing was done well, and the record is a good listen for fans of hardcore.

Break Away’s For Life is available now through the band and Mind Rot records.  Mind Rot has put together a pretty nice vinyl pressing of the record.  The copy we received was on black vinyl, but I haven’t been able to track down any more information on the pressing of the record so I can’t provide any more information on that.  For anyone who wants to check out the band/record Mind Rot also has a free stream and digital down of the record.  You can stream For Life below or access the free stream by checking out their bandcamp page.

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