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Call It Off – Liars

Call It Off – Liars

For a second there, I thought the four lads in Call It Off were indeed liars. On their debut EP Lovers, released hardly 4 months ago, they promised us high energy poppunk in the veign of early Green Day and Blink 182. What we get here, however, sounds a lot more like Alkaline Trio, a band I’m just not into. Also, the guitars on Liars sound a lot less powerful when compared to Lovers. Thin, stripped of every bit of rawness and at some points almost unpleasently shrill, especially in opening track Famous Last Words, which isn’t the most interesting track on this EP to begin with. Long story short, at first listen, Liars just didn’t click with me.

However, when I caught myself humming the insanely catchy Pa Pa Papapada vocal line from Burning Bridges voluntarily, I realized Call It Off had reeled me in again without me even noticing. The melodies, the vocal harmonies, the catchy choruses, they’re all here again, only with a lot less bite. It all sounds a little too sweet for my taste.

So while I much prefer Lovers, the songs on both these releases (combined with maybe 2 or 3 more) would have made a pretty rad and varied debut full length. Just put both EP’s on shuffle together and enjoy the perfect soundtrack for spring.

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