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Call It Off – Lovers

Call It Off – Lovers

From the classic sounds of The Ramones and Screeching Weasel to todays autotuned vocals and mosh breakdowns, there hardly is a musical moniker that changed definition as much over the years as poppunk. Call It Off from Eindhoven, The Netherlands take you back to the late nineties and early zeros, when the M in MTV still made sense and Blink 182, Green Day and Sum 41 kept young punks from doing their homework.

In these dark and depressing winter days, these 5 tracks make me want to strap a surf board on the roof of my old Volvo and drive to the coast with the windows down, while rocking these jams. And that’s coming from a guy who has not surfed a day in his life and who doesn’t particularly like the beach. That Volvo doesn’t even run at the moment…

It may not all be overly original (almost every song can be traced back to one of the 3 aformentioned bands), but who cares when the vocal harmonies are this sweet, the melodies are this catchy, the lyrics nestle themselves in your skull with this much ease and the production is this top notch? The pull it off live as well.

Long story short: if you’re in need of a highly addictive poppunk fix, Call It Off is your band. Here’s hoping they will Do It All Again on a second e.p. or full length real soon.

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