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Calvaiire – Rigorisme

Calvaiire – Rigorisme

Calvaiire plays the opposite of the term ‘Rigorisme‘. They never play their music according to the rules and their style is just a chaotic melting pot. The intense and pissed off dark hardcore/crust band from Laval (France) is similar to the fast and dissonant work of Converge and has the energy of a band like Trap Them.

They recorded this first EP in one take in last january. Especially in the first song “Gratitude” you can hear the power is lost at the fast end due to untight playing. “Alzheimer” is much better, slower also, although the similarities towards Converge are very easy to hear. That description is also fully present in the short rager “Castration”. Calvaiire can copy the giants from the USA but if you miss the focus and brilliance in the material you’re lost. In the last song “Blut” they play as messy as the first and you’ll also notice the hoarse vocals. It’s just like the vocalist had a sore throat on the day of recordings.

Four songs of rage in less than ten minutes according to label Throatruiner records and thats’s absolutely right. One of the other key points can be “recorded in one take” but if you didn’t rehearse that much or can’t play your stuff tight the live feel of your material won’t compensate that. What’s left is a short release full of pissed off energy with a lot to improve!

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