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Celestial Wolves – Illusive Landscape of Expression

Celestial Wolves – Illusive Landscape of Expression

Celestial Wolves is a sweet Post-Rock band from Belgium. After a first EP and full length this is their second album. Five young guys making instrumental rock with hints to heavier stuff like stoner and post metal on this new album. The name reminds of Wolves in the Throne Room who made the album ‘Celestial Lineage’ but both bands have nothing common. The band is eager and enthusiastic on ‘Illusive Landscape of Expression’ and their motto is: Instrumental.Melodic.Dynamic.Powerful. I cannot add anything to that message.

“Alithia” is just a warming up for what’s to come (as every Post-Rock album starts). “Jericho” starts with a heavy riff but this is just a trick as they continue to build up Post-Rock waves. “Rebellion Era” continues in this manner with easy listening melodies upon each other. Drum patterns are building up to a climax. You can hear the band does not have the most creative ideas, aren’t the best and surely not the tightest musicians. They compensate that with intensity and crafting the right song structures. A good example is “Re-Entry” with a continuing echoing guitar melody that sticks in your head and continues higher in the sky than you can imagine.

Strong and powerful melodies are what they focus on; those are nothing new but still effective. Especially the climax in the last song, “The Light”, the band shows how to create modern styled Postrock with rooftop high intensities. The melody in the heavy riff is paying off as Explosions in the Sky did on their early works. What else can I say? If you are into this genre you will have a good time with these six songs.

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