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CHVE – Rasa

CHVE – Rasa

The frontman of Amenra, Colin H. van Eeckhout, released his first solo album under the CHVE name. After one song on a split with Nate Hall, Rasa consists of one, half hour long song.

While I do not applaud every single released by the Church of Ra, Rasa is a worthy addition to their collective output. By focussing on transmitting feelings Van Eeckhout instills a kind of sincerity in this song. Soundscapes are used to set the stage, while his fragile voice is used sparsely and in the background. A clerical atmosphere is created by this, nicely offset by the use of drums in a way more characteristic of primitive tribes than European churches, while a medieval winch adds some new aspects here and there.

The song drones on without getting boring. Sunn O))) would be proud. It may not be cold at the moment, but this is perfect music for dark afternoons to reminisce the past year with.

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