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Civil Terror – Rising demo

Civil Terror – Rising demo

Recently I managed to heavily damage the door of the car I was driving. I was on my way to see the Cro Mags in Sneek when it happened at a gas station for crying out loud. It’s a miracle that I still managed to close and lock up. Anyway, the one thing that first hit me (and probably the 20 hardcore kids that happened to be at that same gas station for some reason) when I heard the door getting wrecked was:


Just one of the things that stuck in my head after listening to this tape again and again and again. This line being from the “Roadkill” song. Other songs contain lines like “performance art is worse than mimes, they’re just too stupid to learn the words” (capital punishment), “hey tough guy what ya gonna do, what you gonna do, when we laugh at you” (even tough guys get laughed at).

As influences they list SS Decontrol, Infest, Voorhees, Fit For Abuse and Judas Priest. So be prepared. 10 songs in 9 minutes. Can’t go wrong there. Oh, and while this is band number 10131 or something for Kudel he managed to pull of yet another voice for this band. Nice.

Fuck it, just contact them at and get this tape, book them shows and most importantly AARGGGH STEP ON IT!

And yes that’s 4,5 stars you see down there, that’s really high indeed. I know. This is one of the coolest things I heard in some time.

PS > The Cro Mags show (or call it the FVK show if you really need to) was amazing ofcourse. The door had to be replaced (aaah).

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