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Client. – I Am Well

Client. – I Am Well

When I put on my copy of the LP I originally had it set to 33RPM and though to myself, “Well, it’s a bit too slow, the tone is kinda gritty, but this is pretty heavy”. Not exactly how I remembered them from their bandCamp though, when Street Survival Records put the record up for sale some time ago. It helped when I set the record to 45RPM… Such a rookie mistake.

Anyway, the tags on their BandCamp profile say “alternative punk emo grunge hardcore Celle” and that describes it pretty well. But I can make it even more simple for you: If you dig recent bands like Title Fight or Daylight you might want to check Client. out. Because they fit right in. This style seems to be getting more popular everyday and I’m not complaining. At all.

I really dig the artwork. It’s not that the drawing on the front is amazingly beautiful or anything, but the use of the colors blue and orange and the handwritten titles just look cool. The sound’s good too, clear, not too raw, but not too polished either. An improvement over their s/t 7″ (which came with my copy of the LP, in a cool Blink 182 rip off sleeve), that had a bit too much high-end fuzz (or something) going on. Dreamy tracks, a good groove, grungy vocals. It’s all there. And I dig it.

So, nothing negative to report about this record sir? Hmm… I might.. I have to admit, all in all Client. doesn’t really stand out. I mean, they can clearly play and their songs are good. It’s just that with the current rise of bands like this, you need something special to set yourself apart from the rest. A bit more of an own identity. But if you don’t care about that (and even if you do) this is a good release that people should give a try.

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