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Collision – A Healthy Dose of Death

Collision – A Healthy Dose of Death

In the Eighties there was a music style called crossover where all kinds of subgenres where melted together. Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore and Punk could get along in the same fucking band. Collision grew up in the last 10 years and always adapted these genres and transformed it into a 21st century version. They also include funny lyrics such as “Violence of the Lambs” or “Charming Chicks with a Crucifix”.

‘A Healthy Dose of Death’ is a fast attack on all you maniacs that still want their heavy music with speed, fast picking chords and a lot of tempo changes. Collision is simply the perfect support act for Municipal Waste. Both are taking the good old days into the 21th Century.

A matter of taste is the dual vocal attack of Wouter and Björn. I like the screaming vocals but the grunts are not always matching the music such as in “Violence of the Lambs”. Musically you’ll get a bunch of good and fast Thrash Metal riffs thrown at you. Good examples are the ones in the beginning of “Charming Chicks with a Crucifix” and “Sick Love Story”. Beside the riff this song is a real neck breaking one.

To give the listener a few seconds rest, “Christ Candy” and “Dose of Death” starts with a short sample of a horror movie. Collision rages on and on in the last 4 songs; in less than 28 minutes the feast is over. Long enough to finish your half a liter of beer and get a new one and get your skateboard to cool down.

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