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Critical Point – Trial & Error

Critical Point – Trial & Error

Portugal’s Critical Point are a ‘straight-up-old-fashioned-no-thrills’ youth crew band and very good in what they do. They are also known for spamming Facebook, looking for shows to play.

Youth crew hardcore, when done right, still is one of my favorite subgenres within hardcore. Lucky for me Critical Point consists of a group of friends who have been around for a long time playing in bands like Pointing Finger, Broken Distance and Pressure. They know how things should be done.

Where Pointing Finger was a more positive, 7 Seconds like, band with a political message Critical Point tends to the more personal side of things and has this boiling anger going on throughout the whole EP.

Ofcourse there are parts Youth Of Today and early Judge but Critical Point at times also sounds like Paint It Black especially on the song Falling In Line.

Trial & Error isn’t another cheesy, goofy youth crew record but comes off as a sincere effort of a bunch of dedicated guys who play the kind of music they love the best. Essentially that’s when good music is made.

Listen to it here:

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