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Crossbonefest: pretty much the best party of the year

Crossbonefest: pretty much the best party of the year

What if I tell you there is a really great festival in Belgium that features some of the best hardcore and punk bands around, has four stages and is pretty much the best event of the year. Part of you’ll think I’m talking about Groezrock, another part might think I’m referring to the Ieperfest. But no… Crossbonefest is where the real action happens.

Two days of punk and hardcore with even some slightly metal influenced bands. The main stage is small, the new funhouse stage is as big as your average living room. If you want to show someone how vibrant and diy the punk rock and hardcore community still can be, I would suggest giving them tickets to Crossbonefest does the trick. Since it’s nearly impossible to talk about all the bands I’ll stick to some highlights of this year’s edition:

Cheap Drugs, with the release of their full length they’ve become one of the better European bands playing 80’s hardcore and this performance was solid.

The Priceduifkes, for sure Belgium’s biggest punk band always know how to throw a party. Priceduifkes + Crossbone = magic.

Citizens Patrol, played the funhouse. To be part of the show you had to crowdsurf you’re way in. Probably one of the craziest shows in a while.

The Real Danger, still at the top of the European punk chain.

Harsh Realms, debut at Crossbone but their blend of Bouncing Hot Water Music Souls went over well. I guess they’ll return next year to a bigger crowd.

Dry Heaves, never heard about this band before but most surprising act of the weekend. Hardcore.

Outline, heard about this band before. Hardcore.

Sunpower, brought the place down.

So yes Dee Cracks, The River Jumpers, Mean Jeans, The Dopamines, Toxic Shock, The Bat Bites, Munchie Girls and way more played as well. I’ll suggest you all come and visit Houthalen next year, just to be part of the best party ever.


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