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Cult of Luna / The Old Wind – Råångest

Cult of Luna / The Old Wind – Råångest

Cult of Luna and The Old Wind are surprising everybody at the end of 2015 with a new and unexpected release. Cult of Luna was supposed to work secretly on a new album, but got into the studio to record their version of ‘Last Will and Testament’ from Amebix, a band that main songwriter Johannes Person discovered recently. It was his soundtrack of last winter. As expected Cult of Luna made its own version of the song; the crusty tunes woven into the epic waves the Swedes are known for.

You still feel the gloom of Amebix, but expanded with the typical Cult of Luna extensions to make a song full of grandeur and bombast. As usual Person’s vocals go as deep as Rob Baron of Amebix did on the album Monolith.

Before and after there are two songs of The Old Wind. The typical screams of Tomas Liljedahl are the main key of the band. With his band he is struggling through the two songs to create an anxious buzz. You feel his pain in the striding vocal lines of ‘Wooden Scythe’. In ‘Daughters in Cleanse’ the band has a sinister guitar melody woven into the gloominess. Together with the vocals and later the pounding drums The Old Wind still feels as Breach anno 2015. It is great to hear these oldies are still making awesome music.

After the three songs the split is over. Gimme more than 17 minutes next time please. ‘Råångest’ (raw anxiety in Swedish) will be released in January next year on CD digipack and on several coloured 12” vinyls.

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