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Dead Giveaway – Demo

Dead Giveaway – Demo

Comprised of several known members of the Dutch punkrock scene, Dead Giveaway, makes the wait for summer a bit more difficult, and we even eluded a harsh winter this time.

The first chords of ‘Escape’ draw me into a well played, polished punkrock record, that sometimes sounds pretty close to actual energetic stadium rock music. Not your skateboarding soundtrack of the summer but more suited to play when you wind down at home or before going to a show. Even for a jaded punkrock fan it would be hard to sit still while listening to the bridge in the aforementioned opening song, the chorus of ‘Human Nature’ or the overall sound of the longest track ‘Side Effects’.

It seems like hardcore and punkrock ususally take the lions share in discussions about originality. Although Dead Giveaway doesn’t do anything you haven’t heard earlier in other bands, they still manage to stand apart from their peers in our solid Dutch scene. Spring can’t come quickly enough!

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