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Deafness By Noise – Noize Deaf Forever/ Roots Baby Roots

Deafness By Noise – Noize Deaf Forever/ Roots Baby Roots

For a long time the boys in Deafness By Noize have been producing class A hardcore all the way from Samobor, Croatia. Going strong for 21 years, they’re releasing a dubble album now titled Noize Deaf Forever/Roots Baby Roots. Since the second record is a bunch of covers we’ll just focus on the main one here since that’s what I got.

The album is being released on Strenght Records, betraying the labels close connection to these guys. Unfortunately, the release has become a sad moment for the band now, since Onno Cro-Mag, the man who believed in them, left us. Strenght Records fortunately does bring us the album by these guys and it’s a blast of oldschool, high speed, full of fury hardcore. The record has guestvocals from Ryker’s and Brightside, which immediately sums up the sound these guys bring to the front. A bit of NY style Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All can be added to that.

Hearing ‘The Enemy’, I immediately think of how relevant this is to the album title. The whole vibe of the song sounds a bit Motörhead (to which Noize Deaf Forever is obviously a reference). Fast paced, full sounding hardcore with shouted vocals that remain on a lower pace and decipherable. There´s something very driven about the sound of ´Killer Valentine´, which has some real nice riffing and hooks added to it, with pounding chorusses. ´Back In The Days´ opens with a gritty, distorted guitar, but pics up a groovy vibe pretty fast, changing in what could just as well have been a Madball song.

The band adds some blues feelings to the music on ´Work Eat Sleep Repeat´, which is a thrashy, passionate song that breaks down in these dark, bluesy moments. There´s a lot this band has got to offer, but what shines through is a good understanding of what they re doing, the album sounds very cohesive and shows the 20 year experience the band has to offer. Songs like ´Closure´ and ´Fear´ match the heavy tough guy sound with the high speed hardcore sound in a way that just sounds right. Never does it feel like a copy, but it does let us hear the influences, like ´Straight Line´ shows that love for Agnostic Front. It´s one fine piece of music.

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