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Deliver – Deliverance

Deliver – Deliverance

Is there anyone who’s missing Zero Mentality?┬áThe German band that made a great mix of rock, hardcore and metal with German vocals. In the Netherlands I don’t hear much about them anymore, but now you have Deliver and they are a filling the void a bit. They are releasing this 5 song EP, similar in style to Zero Mentality with some melodic metalcore not unlike the The Setup.

Deliver doesn’t sing in German though and they bring you five songs that all start with a “D”. “Dead Morning”, “Directions””, “Deliverance”, “Despair” and “Done” is what you’re getting. In “Dead Morning” you hear the Zero Mentality approach of using the right guitar melody. The heavy sound supports the dynamic mix of hardcore and metal.

The high pitched screams are similar to other bands in the genre and together with the music ‘Deliverance’ isn’t that special. Deliver offers you songs with the typical German groove and moshparts (like Final Prayer or the already mentioned Zero Mentality) with some nice guitar parts (check “Deliverance” for example). It’s energetic brought to the hardcore crowd but I don’t believe it will rise above the mediocrity. Too many bands have already stepped on this bandwagon lately.

“Deliverance” is released as a fancy picturedisc 7 inch limited to 300 copies.

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