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Desolated – Disorder of Mind

Desolated – Disorder of Mind

Southamtpon UK’s Desolated recently sparked some mild Internet controversy with a video for their track Death By My Side, mainly because of the dance floor activities on display. I certainly have a strong opinion about the amount of crowd killing going on there, but since I haven’t been jumped by any goons while listening to these 5 tracks at home or on my daily commute to work, I might as well focus on the music itself. So how does Desolated fare without the imminent threat of me losing the ability to eat dinner without using a straw?

Pretty well actually. Opening duo Year Of The Snake and Death By My Side are prime examples of beatdown hardcore done right. These songs don’t solely exist for the benefit of a brutal breakdown (of which, of course, there are plenty), but incorporate some groovy hardcore parts as well, which makes Desolated stand out above the down tuned swamp of beatdown mediocraty. The other 3 songs are basicly variations on the first two, slightly less interesting, but no less moshable.

This EP lasts 12,5 minutes and for me that is basicly the breaking point for stuff like this to get boring. Fans of bands like Nasty and Full Blown Chaos and those who generally appreciate extremely heavy hardcore with a good groove will probably be left wanting more.

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