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Diamond Youth – Shake EP

Diamond Youth – Shake EP

In my record collection you’ll find the album You And Me from Open Hand. From what I remember there was a bit off a fuzz when that record was released as couple of die hard hardcore lads were outing their disappointment over a band that releases stuff on Trustkill should not sound like that. Like what? Well, a bit of a Queens Of The Stone Age… A lot actually. Why am I bringing this up? Well, what Diamond Youth bring to the table on Shake reminds me a lot of that Open Hand album. And apparently there’s members of Trapped Under Ice, Terror and Down To Nothing involved in the band. Time to get mad? Well, I’m not wasting my time on that. In fact, I totally dig that Open Hand album. And this EP by Diamond Youth as well…

Shake is basically a perfect soundtrack for the summer. So Diamond Youth is a bit early, but hey, your room will look a bit brighter when playing this EP. The great thing about this EP is how diverse it is. From rocking songs like ‘Can’t Shake The Feeling’ to bass driven ‘Red Water’, the up tempo ‘Maryland Ice Cream’, the strange trippy hidden track ‘Copy Cat ‘or the laid back ‘Don’t Feel Real’. Even though the songs at themselves are very different, Diamond Youth manage to make this sound like a coherent EP.

The band warned the record label they wanted to “record a couple songs that are totally random and might not make sense entirely”. Well… it’s not that random and this makes sense. Well, sort of… Not exactly what I expected when I read who was in the band, but most certainly worth your time!

Best song in my opinion is ‘Can’t Shake The Feeling’, but in fact, all songs on here are worth listening.

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