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Eight Sins – World Of Sorrow

Eight Sins – World Of Sorrow

From Grenoble in France hails the epic hardcore band, because that is what they sound like, Eight Sins. Mixing metal up with hardcore since 2007 in a very effective way, here they bring their latest piece of violence titled World Of Sorrow.

They can be compared to the range of bands that are a bit like Nine Eleven, Heaven Shall Burn, Lamb Of God and the sense of atmosphere of Machine Head. It doesn’t need much explaining to tell you that this is an explosive cocktail. No matter that none of these are refreshing, new names, this band sounds crisp on this record.

On ‘Impurity’ the influences easily become clear. Heavy, low and throbbing the bass is like the foundation of a the song. Soaring guitars overlay the chorus with epic visions of grandeur. While vocals are barked in frustration. A more dark path is taken on ‘God Eater’, where weeping guitars sound like airhorns while a sloom, sludgy rhythm haunts the listener. There’s plenty of hardcore left though, listen to  ‘Make Me Hate’ for some groovy rhytms and gangshouts to get riled up to.

Eight Sins is a band that likes furious sounding riffs and vocals that are spit at the listener with black rage. On songs like ‘Trapped’ and ‘A Day Without Light’ the vocalist actually makes the same screams as Dani Filth does, but it totally works. It all adds up to a stiff cocktail of metalcore that is the band’s own. Even with their shorter songs, like ‘Under The Edge’, with razorsharp guitar work, these guys get to open shows for Orange Goblin. That should tell you something.

Though a song like ‘Pathetic’ kinda gives that away, like a sick swamp of decay it surrounds you. This band keeps pumping fury and right riffs like butcher’s blades, also on the title track and final song ‘Nine Eleven’. I should add the grim, bleak sound of Starkweather to my earlier cocktail for what I consider to be an extremely well done album.

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