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Endand – Mechanics & Energetics Of Stilt-running

Endand – Mechanics & Energetics Of Stilt-running

The New York power trio Endand offers us their first official full length, and what they deliver is a noisy affair! The eleven songs on Mechanics & Energetics Of Stilt-running last only 21 minutes. Their main influence seems to be noise, but there’s much more to be discovered here. There are some pop influences (check “I Love You Soon”) and even some Cardiacs-influences (on “It’s A Miracle Gone”. Agreed, it’s Cardiacs that have gone sane, more or less, but still…) while on other songs they come out pretty heavy (closer “Strong”, with it’s Henry Rollins-like spoken/sung parts is prime example of this).

They have a lot of ideas to fit in this rather short record. A number of songs don’t even make it past the one minute mark. This is not necessarily a bad thing. To me it feels a bit rushed though. I would have liked a couple of ideas more worked out. The good thing is: just push play again and you’ll hear all those cool ideas coming by again, like the intro of “Snow Song” (taking up 2/3 of the song).

Something I don’t really like on this album is the sound. Especially the guitar sound is a bit to thin.

Let’s keep this review sweet and short, like the album: a lot of great ideas, no real standout tracks, no fillers and downloadable for free from the bands bandcamp.

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