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Enforcers – End Of Time

Enforcers – End Of Time

A389 Records has stamped out its terrain clearly over the last few years. Well produced, heavy hardcore that isn’t afraid to take a few risks to mix things up and keep them interesting. Enforcers feature A Death For Every Sin and Final Word members and have that sound that mashes slower Cro Mags tracks like Seekers Of The Truth with the heavy but stripped down vibe of Rest In Pieces, and with the occasional nods to Metallica. In fact, when the main riff kicks in properly on the track ‘Out Of Time’ it sounds EXACTLY like Metallica’s Creeping Death save for one different chord, and another track ‘The End Is Near’ also borrows more riffs straight from Creeping Death so now I know it’s a deliberate homage and therefore awesome, (although I’d imagine Lars is currently contacting Metallica’s lawyers).

In summary, this CD sounds like an NYHC band that put material on Roadrunner in the early 90s. Concrete production, weighty song structures, and no gimmicks or frills. Between tracks is some strange ambient noise which reminds me of Eraserhead and helps fit the cold mood of the record. This is quite franky completely ace. Pick it up if you like mid paced NYHC, or Cliff Burton era Metallica, or are just yearning to hear something with a bit of grit.

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