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Ex-Breathers – EXBX

Ex-Breathers – EXBX

On Collision Ex-Breahters was already pretty much to the point. But this years EP EXBX is even shorter and more to the point with twelve songs in little over eleven minutes. In hardcore that is pretty much ok, isn’t it? In my opinion songwriting is perhaps even more important when a band plays in short bursts like this. The songs don’t have any space to breathe, so you’ll ideas have to be catchy in a way and stick in your mind the second you hear ‘m.

Big question is, is Ex-Breathers good enough too pull it off? Well, not completely. There’s a couple of really cool songs on this 7”, but there’s also a couple of songs that aren’t that good and drag the EP down a bit. In comparison with Collision the production on EXBX is a bit muddier, which isn’t a good thing. A bit more clarity in the production would help the EP pack a bit more punch.

The band still plays songs that can be described as noisy hardcore. Where the songs work out fine they rage like never before and it fits perfectly well within the Ex-Breathers universe. It’s too bad some of the lesser songs actually made it to the EP. Although I like how Ex-Breather tried a bit different approach to this EP, I’m glad to read elsewhere the songs on the next LP will probably be a bit longer again. In my opinion that just works better for them. In the end this EP is a bit disappointing after the much better Collision.

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