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Ex-Friends – Animal needs EP

Ex-Friends – Animal needs EP

This band must have inspiration in heaps! This EP is their second release this year after a full length a little earlier. Other than that they have two EP’s in two years under their belt. Not bad. Bands that release that much material run the risk of boring the listener to death with material that’s sub par. I haven’t heard their previous releases, but if it has the same quality of this EP, Ex-Friends have managed to steer away from this trap.

The four songs on this EP are very diverse. So perhaps the band choose to release these songs on an EP as they didn’t fit the album released earlier this year. Opener Don’t do it like that (do it like this) is a catchy song with an incredibly catchy guitar line and bass player Audrey Crash singing on constant change. Next up is Real life where Joel Tannenbaum takes over the mic which feels much more old-school punk. Word police is a short and fast song. The least of the four on this EP. Fadeage (city inspector) closes the EP in style and reminds me a bit of Dead To Me. Not a bad reference, huh? The saxophone solo in the middle really adds something to this song. It’s a tough choice if this or Don’t do it like that (do it like this) is the best song here.

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