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Exploding Head Syndrome – Disciples of reason

Exploding Head Syndrome – Disciples of reason

I first noticed Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) when they played a couple of shows with Shevils. I really enjoyed Shevils, so I became curious of EHS’ sound. Not long after they asked SWNK to review their album Disciples of reason. That’s the kind of chance you just have to take, don’t you?

Exploding Head Syndrome is, according to Wikipedia, a kind of sleep disorder that involves hearing extremely loud noises that seem to originate in the head. Do not be frightened, listening to this record will not result in suffering from this disease. EHS is a band that matches Shevils pretty well. Both bands play hardcore with massive Refused influences. It has a bit more of a punk and rock n roll vibe to it, if that makes any sense. Other than that EHS lacks the will to try different influences in their music. The amount of experimentation on this album is limited to the piano on “If I knew”. This leaves us with a bit more straight forward hardcore. Which is not a bad thing.

One point of critique I had with Shevils was the lack of dynamics in the vocal department. That critique also applies to EHS. Perhaps even a tad more, as the vocals are quite dominant in the mix.

Had I not heard Shevils earlier I would have enjoyed this more, I guess. This style of hardcore has something fresh about it. Let’s see what EHS brings us on coming releases!

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