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Fashion Week – Prêt-à-Porter

Fashion Week – Prêt-à-Porter

When you listen to the vile Noise Rock & Hardcore with angry high pitched screams in the first songs ‘Fendebender’ and ‘Chorusace’ you wouldn’t find any humor in the sound of Fashion Week. Looking at the cover you see a body bag in the middle of a lightened bridge in the dark. This is the catwalk where the trio feels at his best. The biography is a joke too. A story how the band flourished in the eighties and nineties with million sales of records like ‘Smells Like Old Spice’, how the ride ended with the death of the singer/guitarist and how drummer Carl Eklof started his band Food Fighters.

Fashion Week have written down a great biography and a daring cover, but that doesn’t necessarily imply great music. Luckily the music is up to par. Eight songs in less than thirty minutes shifting between anxious Noise Rock, Hardcore and even Grunge. The pissed off vocals of Josh Lozano bringing the trio to a higher level because they are in the best tradition of Coalesce and Botch. In ‘Meek is Miznabble’ he comes up with great melodic vocals too making Prêt-à-Porter a very dynamical album. Heavy and dissonant guitars are merged with energetic drums while melodic parts pop up in at the right moment.

‘Klosstrophobia’ starts off with keyboards and are the base during the complete song. Call it the ballad of Fashion Week. However it is a ballad with balls like a band as Unsane would’ve written it. The dragging tempo is perfect to spread out the vocals both screaming and melodic.

‘Haute Topic’ feels like collaboration between Botch, Coalesce, Unsane and Helmet in their best days; noisy, daring and fucked up with the groove and melody present. The song and album suddenly stops and I am begging for more. Eight songs full of great ideas, hooks, dissonant rage and melodies aren’t enough boys. It’s time to pick up the instruments again, write another album and tour around the world because the earth needs bands like Fashion Week.

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