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Fever – 6 song demo

Fever – 6 song demo

Finally after all these years there’s a Dutch band courageous enough to take influences from Panic and American Nightmare with a bit of Right Brigade and write a couple of songs of their own.

Fever features current and ex-members of This Routine Is Hell, The Kid’s Crusade and Soul Power (is that still a band?) and bring a blistering, shredding demo full of teenage angst, switchblade depression and big city terror.

If you, like me, love Panic, American Nightmare and similar bands and kind of hate the fact that most new bands who compare themselves with American Nightmare actually play slow metal core with lyrics taken from a 16 year old girl’s diary, you’ll love Fever. Finally a band with fast songs, breakdowns at the right moment and ‘poetic’ lyrics that aren’t too whiny. This is the band I would have loved to do myself.

I dare say that if these guys bring mayhem live and are able to keep up writing songs like these in a matter of time we’re all in for an ep as brilliant as Sworn In’s self titled 7″.

Go listen and catch a Fever.

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