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Fighting Fiction / Sweet Empire – split

Fighting Fiction / Sweet Empire – split

A long long time ago in a galaxy far away there was the label called Indecision who released a whole bunch of split EP’s featuring bands like Voorhees, Kill Your Idols, Bane, Death By Stereo, Life’s Halt and many more. It seems like Shield Recordings were inspired by this because they’ve recently released a couple of split EP’s as well.

This one is a combined effort of UK punk band Fighting Fiction and the Dutchmen called Sweet Empire. Both bands bring two songs of melodic punk.

Fighting Fiction sounds a lot like similar other punk bands from the UK like Apologies I Have None and Bangers, just not as good or memorable. Sweet Empire has perfected the sound they established on This Season Needs Torches, being Descendents punk mixed with parts Good Riddance and lyrics with a message. Personally I like the Sweet Empire side a bit better, probably because there’s more variation on it.

This EP will probably never become a much sought after record like the Voorhees/Kill Your Idols split, yet it’s relevant enough because it features two new Sweet Empire songs.

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