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Final Prayer – Berlin

Final Prayer – Berlin

Final Prayer is back on the map after a couple of years of less shows and releases. ‘Berlin’ is a 7″ EP with two new songs and a cover of Ideal entitled “Berlin”. Vocal duties on this song are done by the singer of the Beatsteaks and War From a Harlots Mouth and are in German.

The two own songs are typical Final Prayer ragers in the vein of Born From Pain, fast metalcore with breakdowns at the right moment. “Mind Eraser” is starting with the typical rolling bass drums and heavy guitar riffs, harsh vocals are doing the rest in this song. The typical Final Prayer groove is kicking in at the right moment and the next song “Final Hour” also got it. Ok, I admit it could be a Born From Pain song. But if it was, it’s surely a good Born From Pain song.

Side A of the black wax is approved, I can’t say the same of the backside. The purpose was to create a rocking version with breakdowns of the song “Berlin” that originally was written by the German New Wave band Ideal. I can’t say they succeeded, it just sound a bit too lame especially the vocal style. I also admit I am not a big fan of the German vocals. Maybe fun to hear for the German people, abroad I guess not too many would be interested.

“Berlin”  is pressed on clear vinyl (50 copies) and black vinyl (390 copies).

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