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Fjørt – D’accord

Fjørt – D’accord

When writing a review I usually feel most comfortable when I can drop some names to give you, the reader, an idea of the sound of a band. That is the lazy approach, but also one that gives a quick impression of what to expect. Fjørt gave me a hard time figuring out how to describe their sound. Best I can come up with is: hardcore mixed with screamo and post-hardcore. That could be anything right? Their label describes it as a more “emo” version of Jungbluth without the fast/d-beat-parts. I’d like to add to that description: with some added Birds In Row for good measure.

Their debut EP, Demontage, was already pretty good, a solid release.This record is more melodic than it’s predecessor, but at the same time the band hasn’t lost it’s edge. The record is at least as energetic. Where Demontage had a melancholic edge, D’accord sounds more upbeat and less introvert. Mind you, it’s still harsh and angry. The main difference with Demontage is that these songs make you feel there’s some hope left. The song on this album also have more flow and feel more natural. An accomplishment considering the amount of tempo changes and an overall improvement on their songwriting skills. I guess the time they took to write and record D’accord paid off (Demontage was released somewhere at the end of 2012).

Can’t say much about the lyrics unfortunately. They sing in German, and my German is really not that well… This album makes me wonder what this band is like live. Can these three guys deliver what they promise on D’accord?

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